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Whether you are looking for sustainable corporate gifts, high-quality supply for your catering or topsellers for retail: you will find a fitting solution for your company within our more than 300 products for sure. Located in Wertheim, we are doing business in the heart of Europe and, at the same time, profit from the strong network of our worldwide acting Thermos Group. Given our more than 100 years expertise, we have more than enough experience to consult you solution-based around the topic insulation within a company context. Please don't hesitate to get in direct contact with us via our contact form or browse through our overall solutions below first.



Your reliable partner for everything connected to insulation




With our premium insulation vessels and high-quality products, we deliver strong sales performer for your shelf space. 


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Individualization and promotional items


Customer gifts, bottles for new employees or giveaways for events with your logo. At ours, you receive high-quality and sustainable promotional items, that will be remembered for a long time. 


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Professional catering


Only the best for your guests! With functional and aesthetic insulating products and catering supply from our house, you and your customers will have long-lasting pleasure.


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Business customers


Your meeting room is on of the first layers for your customers. Show good taste and style and use our high-quality products made from stainless steel for your catering supply. 

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