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As a business institution or as a private individual: we create the future of tomorrow by today's actions. That's why we are definetly aware of our responsibilty towards society and environment as a company and take sustainable aspects into our activities since ever.  


Anyhow, the development, commercialization and transportation of goods and services are based on resources. Our aim is to make use of them as environmental-friendly as possible. With any optimization, we thrive for further improvements of our sustainability balance as a company. 


At the moment, we haven't reached the end of the process yet, but we continue to work towards more sustainability with many small and big steps. Since sustainability comes in many facets, we would like to give you a small insight with several examples what we are doing at the moment. 

We are sure that you have an own environment guideline within your company. We are happy to compare your sourcing requirements with our given conditions and find a fitting solution. As a matter of course, we provide relevant certifications and labels within the sourcing process. 


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Step for step for more sustainability

Reuseable products, 

sustainable by nature

Our high-quality insulated carafes & more are charaterized by long-lasting materials and thus guarantee a long time of usage. 




Consciously extend product lifecycle


With our comprehensive offer of spare parts, we extend the usage time and thus give a clear signal for repairing instead of toss away existing products. 



Climate friendly transportation


From our warehouse on, we ship our products 100 percent climate neutral with GLS and support climate protection projects with DHL GoGreen.



Fair work conditions in our production sites


Our factories produce as resource-saving as possible and our production employees profit from modern technical support and fair wage payments. 


Paper from ecological
responsible cultivation


We choose environmental friendly options, especially when it comes to paper. Our folding boxes are certified by the FSC label for example and the paper of our business cards is noted with the Blauer Engel


office life


Whether it is light activated by motion sensors or a paperless accounting: in our daily office life, we focus on sustainable behavior and working methods. 



Social commitment


Product samples or trade show goods, but also high-quality new items: we donate on a regular basis to social non-profit organizations. That's how we could support several kindergartens and local sports clubs. 


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