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Media Portals

Strong brands such as alfi® and THERMOS® thrive on coherent visual worlds that not only showcase the products but also evoke emotions. We have a wide range of content and would like to offer you the opportunity to use it. Through our media portals, as a journalist or trade partner, you gain simplified access to our images, photos, and videos. Register directly and use the browser-based database to quickly and easily obtain content for your topics related to our products.

Your benefits:


  • All image data and videos in one place
  • Free access with search function
  • Download in various formats
  • Data retrieval in real time

How it works

Step 1:


For each brand, there is a separate media portal. Please register for the desired portal or both portals using the following links.


Registration for alfi

Registration for THERMOS


Step 2: Review and Activation


Upon your registration, we receive an internal request, enabling us to activate your access to the respective portal. Please allow up to 5 business days for the activation to be completed. We reserve the right to reasonably deny access.

Step 3:


Once your access is granted, you can log in at any time using the provided login credentials.
For technical questions, please feel free to contact our media portal team directly at media-library@alfi.de or media-center@thermos.eu.

Now sign in to the media portals.


alfi® Media Library


Trendy interior scenes or appealing recipes: in our media portal for the alfi® brand, you will find product images and mood pictures, as well as videos and logos.


Log into media portals now


THERMOS® Media Center


Breathtaking natural landscapes, rugged individuals, and optimal equipment: immerse yourself in our THERMOS® universe (including THERMOS® kids and THERMOCAFÉ by THERMOS®). Here, you will find product images, videos, and nature in all its forms


Log into media portals now

Media Portal Team
+49 (0) 9342 8770

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