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Street Style: City Line from alfi



The new city look! Stylish and tasteful, while in town, trendsetters carry their favorite beverages and snacks for in-between in the new City Line from alfi. With the insulated drinking bottles and the food jar in vintage rose, cool gray or mystic blue, if the accessory is your must-have, we’ve got you covered – your style, your nutrition and your healthy way of life.

The City Bottle, which will soon be available in two sizes, keeps cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot – all day long. With the robust stainless steel bottle, soothing downtime and hydrating regularly is easy to integrate into your unique, active life – whether with coffee, tea or a juice spritzer.


The City Bottle Loop comes in two sizes and offers a smart strap. Let it dangle from your hand or casually attach it to your backpack, as an environmentally conscious urbanist, you can easily replace disposable plastic bottles with this slim stainless steel bottle. With its carrying strap, the City Bottle Loop is the versatile choice for your daily marathons through downtown or while jogging after work.


It's time for Tea! The traditional hot beverages ensures constant hydration in the City Bottle Tea. The large opening of the City Bottle Tea makes it easy to pour your favorite tea – alfi offers an additional tea filter for loose varieties. As a complement to the City Bottle Tea, tea lovers will also enjoy the City Drinking Mug.


Enjoy mobile with the City Food Mug: The food jar transports homemade meals safely and flexibly with the handy carrying strap, stylishly accenting muesli before the video conference, a delicious soup for lunch and those energy-boosting snacks before your workout.


Absolutely professional, the City Line is the perfect companion throughout the day: The insulated drinking bottles and the insulated food jar are absolutely leak-proof, free of BPA and taste-neutral with no inner coating. The City Bottles are even perfect for any carbonated beverage. The premium insulated containers promise well-tempered beverages and meals for hours.


Consistently protecting against any external elements, colorProtect is offered in vintage rose, cool gray and mystic blue. The high-quality stainless steel is also easy to clean and gentle on resources.


Deliverable sizes:
City Bottle, 0.50 l
City Bottle, 0.70 l
City Bottle Loop, 0.50 l
City Bottle Loop, 0.70 l
City Bottle Tea, 0.90 l
City Food Mug, 0.55 l
City Drinking Mug, 0.28 l


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