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Trend Color 2021: Mediterranean Red from alfi


alfi carafe girl couch red interior

Feel-good moments with alfi: Mediterranean red brings a southern European flair to the home, radiating a sense of security and tranquility. The distinctive reddish earth tone is currently setting the mood, while lifestyle enthusiasts follow Mediterranean Red when designing their own perfect retreat within our complex world. Beautifully, Mediterranean red can be complemented with other nature-based colors such as rich greens and dark blues, shades of yellow and gun metal gray.

Mediterranean red evokes favorite vacation memories, inviting you to spend enjoyable hours recharging your batteries – alone or in deep conversation with on another. As a result, the color is a perfect match on the prepared table, making a bold statement in favor of diversity and cultural affinity. In combination with simple shapes, Mediterranean red creates a multicultural contemporary look. The effect of Mediterranean red is particularly impressive as a color shade for Skyline. With its timelessly modern silhouette, the new vacuum carafe from alfi showcases the trend color powerfully, while still keeping coffee or tea at the right temperature for up to 12 hours and cold beverages for 24 hours.


Mediterranean red also adorns the sleek new Endless Line, either as a full-surface color or as a color detail, turning the high-quality food mug and the two drinking bottles into fashionable accessories for to-go lovers: Fashion enthusiasts skillfully use the warm shade to emphasize their style.


Mediterranean red presents itself as both inspiring and versatile in the alfi 2021 range of products, where, alongside spicy mustard, it keeps the eye focused on the positive in life.


Deliverable sizes:

Skyline vacuum carafe, 1.00 l
Endless Food Mug, 0.50 l
Endless Insulated Bottle, 0.50 l
Endless Bottle, 0.90 l


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