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Dreaming of Adventures: Mountain Beverage Bottle from Thermos


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Filling up on nature pure, discovering new hiking routes, enjoying the view from the top – we love taking a time out in the mountains to just shut down and sometimes we just enjoy pushing our own limits. 100% reliability is required for the equipment for the ultimate outdoor adventure.  Thermos meets this demand by offering the perfect sparring partner: The Mountain Beverage Bottle is absolutely leak-proof, guaranteeing up to 24 hours of pleasantly hot or refreshingly cold drinks. A drinking mug is also directly integrated in the new vacuum bottle.

The Mountain Beverage Bottle has found a permanent spot in any backpack of the heroes of the great outdoors, no matter the season, be it in high temperatures during the summer or icy winds during winter: The impact- and shock-proof stainless steel defies any situation, and the lid is easily holds up even when wearing gloves – a non-slip structure allows for easy opening in any situation. Drinks with sweetened with sugar or honey provide the optimal energy supply on the road – the lid of the Mountain Beverage Bottle can be taken apart at the end of a hike to ensure the bottle can be hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher.


Depending on their individual power, adventure fans choose the Mountain Beverage Bottle with either a capacity of 0.5, 0.75 or 0.9 liters - extreme stability included: Thanks to the rubberized base, the vacuum bottle features a non-slip grip on any surface. The double-walled stainless steel insulates for longer periods of time, keeping the temperature insulated from the outside. Thermos applies an innovative manufacturing process for this lightweight, and has become a typical feature, does not require any inner coating or BPA – healthy indulgence can be so wonderfully light.


Deliverable sizes:
Mountain Beverage Bottle 0.50 l
Mountain Beverage Bottle 0.75 l
Mountain Beverage Bottle 0.90 l


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