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Legendary and Unapologetic: Stainless King from Thermos



Thermos is a cult item! Synonymous for insulated jars, it was invented in Berlin in 1904 and since then has made a name for itself traveling around the globe as a true icon. The global brand with flair presents an extensive range of mobile outdoor eating on the go, providing both indestructible and versatile companions along with long-standing tradition.

Mountain hike or picnic? The Stainless King proves to be the flexible supplier in any active lifestyle choice. The collection features double-wall stainless steel, Thermos insulating technology for maximum temperature retention and dishwasher-safe items that is good for anything, looks amazing and wins over even the most ambitious professionals.


The vacuum bottle with its undeniable charm is available in two versions. Either as a 0.47 liter or a 1.2 liter version with pull-out handle, both versions provide the practical twist & pour twist lid with the typical mug, keeping the bottle’s content absolutely leak-proof even under the most severe conditions.


Matching food jars with extra-large openings can hold generous portions and the 0.47 liter version even integrate a pull-out stainless steel spoon, clearing the way to a spontaneous meal on the go at any time and making everything from hot potato soup to cool power muesli optimally enjoyable. The Stainless King is also available as an insulating drinking mug with a lid that can be taken apart for for hygienic cleaning, a Drink-Lock lid and tea hook that allow the tea bag to easily be hung. Now supplementing the program are the insulating drinking bottles with their Safe Flow lids and the insulating can cooler. It cools the content of cans on a hot summer day in the city, during the challenges in the wilderness and for a cool beer after hours.


It is offered in the colors stainless steel, cranberry and midnight blue. Without inner coating, delivering true taste, ideally impact and shock-proof and with a five-year warranty for the best possible insulation performance. Every Stainless King epitomizes quality, making a clear statement and acting as an indispensable partner.


Deliverable sizes:
Stainless King Insulated Beverage Bottle 0.47 l
Stainless King Insulated Beverage Bottle 1.20 l
Stainless King Insulated Bottle 0.70 l
Stainless King Insulated Mug 0.47 l
Stainless King Can Insulator 0.35 l
Stainless King Insulated Food Jar 0.47 l
Stainless King Insulated Food Jar 0.71 l
Stainless King Insulated Food Jar 1.20 l


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