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Onto a Great Adventure with XXL: Stainless King Food Jar



With the popular Stainless King series from Thermos, you can now have a second helping: The new food jar with 1.2 liter fill capacity offers 200 percent more taste for on the go, whetting the appetite for everyday adventure seekers on a grand scale with a "sharing is caring" mentality.

Whether out hiking with friends, on a picnic with the family or having lunch with colleagues – the Stainless King food jar allows you to share you joy in addition to your delicious meals. Use the handle to casually and safely carry the Stainless King and you can always serve up an extra portion, no matter where you are. And Thermos celebrates food to go in a big way with its generous opening for easy filling and the best insulation technology for long-lasting indulgence. Your foods remains hot for up to 14 hours and cold for up to 24 hours in the XXL Thermos jars.


Fill it up, twist on the lid and off you go! Healthy eating with lentil salad, tomato soup or chopped fruit can be easily integrated in your mobile day-to-day with the food jar made of impact and shock-proof stainless steel. Two all-round inserts guarantee versatility and enjoyment and can easily withstand the strains of the dishwasher, microwave or freezer. Offering the best possible quality while away from the table and/or your kitchen: The food jar is guaranteed free of BPA, taste neutral and is absolutely leak-proof, plus it is easy to clean.


Now all you need is the right beverage! The vacuum bottle and the vacuum drinking mug from the Stainless King series supplement the new Big Boss ideally when enjoying your meal outdoors or in your office.


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