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Ready to go! Guardian from Thermos



Thermos presents the optimal solution for modern well-being – the new Guardian series, which features drinking mugs, drinking bottles and food jars made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel, and enabling a healthy lifestyle with the issue of climate change in mind: Regular meals, fresh and regional foods, sufficient hydration, while at the same time being gentle on resources. The Guardian series in the stylish mat colors white, matcha green and lake blue is free of BPA and fills the urban daily lives of active people with lasting ideas to the benefit of the health of our bodies and environment.

A homemade quinoa salad with veggies and sunflower seeds in the summer or a pumpkin-carrot soup with ginger for those cooler days to take with you in the insulated food jar, either to your workplace or to your leisure activities. For a kick of freshness, connoisseurs take along some homemade lemonade in their insulating drinking bottles, and add some lime, mint and berries to the mix. It stays wonderfully cool for up to 18 hours. To combat that energy slump in the afternoon, smart city goers take along a Fair Trade coffee in the 0.35 or 0.5 liter insulated drinking mugs. And the dishwasher takes care of easy cleaning at night.


The practical Hydration Tracker on the 0.7 liter insulating drinking bottles is a particularly ingenious way to support your conscious efforts to stay hydrated: A rotating ring can be set from 1 to 6 to show how often the drinking bottle was emptied. In addition, the pushbutton lid makes drinking easier during meetings or while at the gym. Clutched casually by the carrying handle, the Guardian water bottle is a must-have in the city and the great outdoors.


With its 0.47 liter fill capacity and pull-out stainless steel spoon in the lid, the insulated food jar is an immediate winner! Soups, salads, desserts – there’s no limits to your imagination. The novel product is complemented with the bonus bowl on the bottom: Sprouts, nuts, chocolate sprinkles or the dressing can be stored there, just waiting for whenever needed. The Guardian food jar even keeps up after a long day: Its hot content stays hot for 9 hours and cold content stays cold for up to 14 hours.


On the subway, while on your morning walking route on a busy walkway, or on the final sprint to the evening program: The Guardian insulated mugs fits squarely in your hand and is guaranteed to get you where you’re going without any mishaps – just like all other products, the mugs are absolutely leak-proof and indestructible. Hot coffee or tea for five hours and cold drinks for up to 14 hours. The lid is easily slid on, and can be taken apart for optimized hygiene.


Deliverable sizes:

Guardian Bottle Insulated Bottle 0.70 l
Guardian Mug Insulated Mug 0.35 l
Guardian Mug Insulated Mug 0.50 l
Guardian Insulated Food Jar 0.50 l


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