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Two on Tour: Traveler Bottle from THERMOS®



It is this special look that brings them all together – the globetrotter, the cosmopolitan and the city traveler: Smart casual and with practical added value as well. The new Traveler Bottle from Thermos now joins the list of must-haves for any mobile lifestyle. In the mat colors teal, sapphire blue, rose gold, black and cool gray, the slim insulated drinking bottle fits in any bag and can be easily attached with its convenient carrying handle.

With the 0.50 liter Fitness Buddy or the 0.75 liter City Hopper, we always have enough liquid in our carry-on - tea and coffee stay hot here for 12 hours. Even mineral water, spritzers or tangy lemonades are wonderfully chilled for up to 24 hours – the Traveler Bottle is absolutely leak-proof even for carbonated beverages. Moreover, the indestructible stainless steel body ensure limitless drinking enjoyment. The Traveler Bottle can easily keep up with your daily run through the city, in addition to any of  your outdoor adventures or weekend trips.

The journey is the destination! Increasingly, we have been focusing on reusable products with long service life, paying special attention to the sustainability aspect and to our health – the Traveler Bottle is free of BPA, absolutely tasteless and good to go for any adventure of we're faced with in everyday life.


Exclusively available at Amazon.
Traveler Bottle 0.50 l

Traveler Bottle 0.75 l


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