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Cooking with Herr Grün: Creative Recipes for alfi® on the go



Spaghetti with thyme cream sauce and yellow zucchini salad with feta cheese: It sounds like the best-selling meal offered at the latest top eatery is now served in the Endless Food Mug. The recipes from herrgruenkocht.de especially created for alfi spice up the lunch break and are also perfect for on the go. Meal prep is the popular food trend for the healthy on-the-go lifestyle: Take your time to prepare the meal at home in advance for the next day or next several days and take it with you in practical containers to work, to the gym or on excursions.

Stow savory toppings such as beet chips, fried onions or lentil-banana balls in the transparent Snack Pot belonging to the Endless Food Mug to top off your spaghetti with thyme cream sauce, a Danish potato salad or rice with spicy peanut-pepper sauce. Keeping everything separate from the other ingredients, it looks as if it's freshly prepared, and the mere sight of it makes you want to enjoy a well-balanced lunch in the morning. Fortunately, the meals in the mug stay hot for up to 5 hours or well chilled for up to 10 hours.


A healthy option - the Endless Food Mug without any inner coating is free of BPA making it taste-neutral. Absolutely leak-proof, absolutely easy to handle, the Food Mug is the reliable companion through everyday life - with a secure-grip sleeve in the latest trend colors.


Deliverable sizes:
Endless Food Mug, 0.50 l


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