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TC Sandwich Box from THERMOS®


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The story continues! After the TC Bottle, Food Jar and Drinking Mug, the TC Sandwich Box is now available as a stress-free way to transport sandwiches, wraps and that additional dose of vitamins - and for even more flexibility in a sustainable lifestyle. Fill it with your favorite snacks, pop the lid on, and wrap the silicone band around it: The TC Sandwich Box is perfect for relaxed snacks in the city, at the office or at campus, and is an absolutely reliable reminder to take a break now and then.

With the TC Sandwich Box you can snack as you please with a choice of four colors and two sizes – the boxes in stainless steel, rose gold, teal and saphire blue complement the TC drinking bottles, mugs and food containers, either tone-in-tone or in cool contrast, and are a consistent addition to the to-go collection.


Well supplied! Active everyday heroes fill the 1-liter box with sandwiches and side dishes the size of tangerines. The 0.8-liter version is on board for the small hunger in between or as a supplement to the TC Food Jar – both boxes are super light and can be easily stowed in laptop bags, backpacks and city bags.


The TC Sandwich Box is once again making a strong statement about environmental awareness. Durable stainless steel, dishwasher safe and BPA-free – Thermos presents the next must-have with this latest addition and once again encourages the desire for homemade on the go.


Recommended retail price: 

TC Sandwich Box 0.80 l: € 25.95

TC Sandwich Box 1.00 l: € 27.95


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