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Protecting resources with alfi®



A quick sandwich from the bakery, a hot beverage for the break in between and a bottle of water from the supermarket on the way to the gym – habits like these can be costly, pollute the environment and even be detrimental to your health. Be honest: Who doesn't want to live more consciously and then falls short due to habit and the daily grind? The solution comes courtesy of alfi: The specialist for insulated carafes lays the groundwork for a pleasurable life without the need to make major compromises.

For over 100 years, alfi has been synonymous with quality and sustainability, and with its current range, it is more contemporary than ever. Food containers and insulated carafes and drinking bottles are the smart and simple response to today's challenges to conserve resources in everyday life. Especially where it concerns what each individual can do to contribute to this goal.


Topic no. 1: Meal prep in many ways, this popular trend is exactly what we need right now – cooking meals in advance using fresh ingredients for the home office or the office, for kindergarten and school, or even on the go has quite a few advantages. Homemade meals give you more balanced nutrition than eating in many cafeterias. What's more, meal prep helps save money on restaurant lunches. And if you have any food intolerance, with homemade food you don't run the risk of picking something you can't tolerate, because alfi's food containers only contain what you want. Depending on your mood and the season, this can be soups, stews, or curry all of which are kept hot and tasty for hours. For muesli or salads, the stainless-steel containers keep everything cool for a long time – a strong plus, especially on hot summer days. All food containers are easy to clean in the dishwasher.


Topic no. 2: Stay hydrated! Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy and helps ensure a sense of well-being and increased concentration – even on long days. If you want to start saving here, it's not the volume that counts, but the quality of the beverage. In Germany, alfi recommends tap water as one of the best-tested foodstuffs. To be on the safe side, you can always have the quality of your tap water checked in your own household. Water from the tap is still refreshing even many hours after being filled into one of the many insulated drinking bottles. This makes buying water from the supermarket a thing of the past. It also saves money and the environment: All alfi products are free of BPA and, with the reusable aspect, are absolute resource savers. Of course, carbonation is not a problem for many bottles, such as the Endless Iso Bottle.


Topic no. 3: Hot beverages. Coffee is more than a beverage – coffee is a lifestyle! It is flavorful, wakes you up, and gives you that little time-out in between meals. Still, with a coffee-to-go here or a coffee after a meal there, the extra money spent on the popular black gold can add up considerably each month. Add to that the many disposable cups that are becoming an escalating waste problem. Smart people make their own coffee and take it along in an insulated bottle or mug for their active daily lives – the same applies to tea, of course.


Savings tip from alfi: When preparing coffee and tea for the insulated containers, always heat only as much water in the kettle as is needed – this keeps energy consumption and expenses to a minimum.

High-quality food containers, insulated bottles, and carafes are an investment that is well worth it – the impact- and break-resistant stainless steel makes alfi products a lasting companion in daily life and they remain absolutely leak-proof even many years later. Or as alfi sums it up: "Buying smart means saving twice".


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