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The new colour feeling from alfi®


skyline tisch isolierkanne lavender kaffee breakfast

Colours evoke emotions. alfi achieves this effect with the trend colours celadon green and lavender for the insulated carafe Skyline and the Endless Line.

celadon green exudes a feeling of harmony, brings a natural freshness to the home and a vitalising effect. This effect was already appreciated by the people in ancient China: The name celadon comes from the stoneware that was produced there over a thousand years ago and had this colour when it came out of the kiln. The mint-green shade is currently very popular for accessories such as table mats, serviettes or vases, making the Skyline carafe in celadon green a wonderful addition for a harmonious overall image. Active people who want trendy and sustainable accessories for on the go are catered for, too, with the drinking bottles and food mug from the Endless Line also available in celadon green. Both inside and out, they bear all the hallmarks of green living: The celadon green products are free of BPA, of course, making an active contribution to a healthy lifestyle.


For even more good vibes, the design experts chose lavender: With its calming yet cheerful nature, this delicate shade of purple unites two emotions which offer us comfort and strength especially in these times. As a calming influence for more serenity, spirituality and balance, the colour also presents itself as a symbol of prestige and luxury. This makes lavender particularly attractive for the interior, as well as to-go and for the digital world – not least because lavender can be combined so well with other gentle colours. For example, how about the Endless Line Food Mug in lavender and an Endless Bottle in celadon green to add some colour to your short breaks? And the home accessory Skyline stands out positively against the background of a table set with light shades of beige and white.


No matter which colour you choose, the many quality characteristics of Skyline and the Endless Line are not immediately visible to the eye but are noticed directly when handled in everyday use: Ergonomic design, optimal insulation performance to keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours as well as the high-quality stainless steel will make you feel good about the product for a long time to come.


Recommended retail price:  

Skyline 1.00 liter: € 54.95

Endless Food Mug 0.50 liter: € 26.95

Endless Iso Bottle 0.50 liter: € 26.95

Endless Bottle 0.90 liter: € 24.95


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