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This year, Christmas will glisten in perfect beauty: In satin red, satin green and satin silver, the x-mas edition of the alfi insulated carafe Signo will enhance the Advent ambience and reliably provide you with hot tea, coffee or punch for cosy hours in the family, with your partner or alone for 12 hours - this is how Christmas mood is created even without a lot of decoration.

Traditional Christmas decorations, too, are topped off by the Signo carafe, for all the three colors remind of shiny Christmas tree balls. Real fans, for instance, combine the Signo satin red with a red poinsettia, red candles and the sound of Last Christmas - the Signo is a perfectly matching everyday object the color scheme. In a colorful combination, the Signo enhances the Advent atmosphere: The green carafe, a star-shaped coaster in red and silver Christmas tree balls make up a picture full of atmosphere. Under the Christmas tree, too, the Signo in satin red, satin green or satin silver will look good as a gift.


X-massy by the look and genius in function: The Signo in satin red, satin green or satin silver provides one liter of your favorite drink with AromaSafe to pure enjoyment, a turning lid with a convenient press button for comfortable pouring with one hand, as well as many years of pleasure due to the high-quality stainless steel body. Healthy throughout the Christmas season: The Signo is free from BPA.


An attractive merchandising fixture with space for 48 carafes supports the Signo X-max campaign in store.


Recommended retail price:  

Signo 1.00 liter: € 49.95


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