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The cool move to reusable products: Say no to disposable products and instead reach for the TC Daily series. With the Bottle, Food Jar and Drinking Mug from THERMOCAFÉ by THERMOS, you have robust basics for all to-go moments in everyday life and for a sustainable lifestyle.

With TC Daily, coffee on the go is just as resource-saving as cool drinks and hot lunches and makes a bold statement for healthy enjoyment. The Bottle, Drinking Mug and Food Jar are free of BPA – and drinks or food do not come into contact with plastic here.


Make the TC Daily Bottle, Drinking Mug and Food Jar absolutely unique with your individual touch: Beautiful quotes, your best friends’ autographs or stickers from your favorite team will stand out perfectly against the neutrally colored surfaces of the TC Daily.


Used individually, as a duo or trio, the Bottle, Drinking Mug and Food Jar make a real impression when it comes to living a conscious lifestyle. The TC Daily Bottle with 0.5 or 0.7 liters accompanies you flexibly through the day, while the 0.36-liter TC Daily Drinking Mug with 360-degree drinking function provides those little moments of relaxation in between. Thanks to its plain and slender design, the insulated mug also fits into most automotive cup holders.


For all foodies, there is the TC Daily Food Jar made of double-walled stainless steel. Hot and cold homemade meals on the go have a positive impact on one's dietary choices, wallet and the environment. Each Food Jar is topped off with a folding plastic spoon in the lid.


THERMOCAFÉ by THERMOS always has the knack: The TC Daily Bottle, Drinking Mug and Food Jar are absolutely leak-proof.


Recommended retail price:

TC Daily Bottle 0.5 liters: € 14.95

TC Daily Bottle 0.7 liters: € 19.95

TC Daily Drinking Mug 0.36 liters: € 15.95

TC Daily Food Jar 0.4 liters: € 17.95


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