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Milk & Sugar by alfi®



Would you like your coffee with milk or sugar? Just as long as it’s with alfi! The impressive set consisting of a small pot, sugar bowl, and tray now serves design enthusiasts the flexible answer to their own personal preferences when it comes to coffee. Elegant in mat or polished stainless steel and visually in line with the alfi Studio range of insulated carafes, the new accessory communicates an attitude of delightful lifestyle far removed from the hectic coffee-to-go.

A splash of milk or milk alternative and a spoonful of sugar sweeten the well-deserved breaks for relaxing and perking up in between, as well as the extended coffee chats with the girlfriends, often extended by just one more cup. And because the next coffee comes after the first, all Milk & Sugar elements can be easily and hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher.


The new trio cultivates the discerning coffee culture and, of course, makes no exceptions for popular tea beverages. With Milk & Sugar, high-quality stainless steel appears polished or mat, free of BPA and recyclable for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Like many popular alfi products, Milk & Sugar was created by the Pearl Creative design team.



Recommended retail price:  

Milk & Sugar: € 39.95


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