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Skyline in deep rose and deep lavender by alfi®



The ease of summer colors is still lingering, while autumn depth slowly mingles in interior decoration. Upon the arrival of the cooler season, everyday accessories in stronger colors, too, come into a modern living atmosphere. The symbol for this is the popular alfi Skyline insulated carafe, which now perfectly accentuates the ambience in deep rose and deep lavender. With their fascinating intensity, deep rose and deep lavender give that certain something to every room.

alfi rely on true characteristic colors: deep rose is a full, sensual tone suggesting elegance and finesse and perfectly matching your individual autumn decoration in its wonderful color scheme - twigs collected on a walk in the forest, candles in autumnal colors, or a colorful flower bouquet will emphasize the effect - the trend color attracts attention with passion and style.


But deep lavender, too, is a real highlight when the days get shorter. The Skyline in deep lavender is a symbol for peace and calmness with a touch of elegance. Trend-setters will create an atmosphere of wellbeing with this natural tone - both visually and functionally: The Skyline keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Due to AromaSafe for pure enjoyment, fans of cosy hours will enjoy hot tea and coffee during their me-time in the cold season, or autumnal afternoons with their loved ones and seasonal food. The Skyline in deep rose and deep lavender can be decorated in an imposing setting with shiny pumpkins: A spectacular color combination that most impressively reflects the profundity of autumn.



Recommended retail price:  

Skyline 1.00 liter: € 54.95


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