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2024 anniversary year for THERMOS®



Keeps hot and cold. Without fire - without ice. What the first advertising slogan promised more than 100 years ago is still guaranteed by the Thermos brand today: Products with the best insulation performance that have been perfected over 120 years. The latest milestone is the Icon series, which will be launched in the anniversary year of 2024.

120 years ago, glass technician Reinhold Burger was probably unaware that he had created something "iconic": By making use of the low thermal conductivity of glass and a vacuum in which no heat exchange takes place, the man from Brandenburg invented the first vacuum flask - the brand name Thermos was created shortly afterwards in a naming competition. The rest is history - with Thermos flasks even making an appearance during the fall of the Berlin Wall as well as in famous movies.


Today, Thermos has long been synonymous with all types of insulated containers. But only a product that actually bears the name Thermos will come with Thermos' best insulation technology with vacuum-insulated stainless steel inside. The product range was initially dominated by insulated flasks and carafes, with insulated mugs and food containers being added later in order to adapt to changing lifestyles over time. With the advent of travel to the countryside and a new understanding of leisure time, the need for containers that keep hot things hot and cold things cold increased - and this remains unchanged today due to increased mobility.


After the Thermos company was founded in Berlin in 1904, the company headquarters were established in the USA as early as 1907. Over the decades, locations and distribution channels in 120 countries followed, along with prestigious awards and ingenious inventions such as the first lunchbox in 1953, the Coffee Butler in 1985 and the Funtainer range for kids in 2004. Since 2015, Europe has been experiencing a strong Thermos revival thanks to new distribution channels. The German roots can still be seen today in the museum village of Baruther Glashütte, the birthplace of Reinhold Burger.


On the occasion of his 75th birthday in 1941, Reinhold Burger said about his invention: "It gives me particular pleasure to know that this work has proved to be an indispensable tool for millions of people." And indeed, insulated containers continue to be a part of everyday life all over the world: Whether for sports, outdoor adventures, in the city, when traveling or at work, Thermos products are a reliable companion and are increasingly replacing environmentally harmful disposable products.


The proven classic Stainless King collection is now followed by the Icon series, which is the latest tribute to what has defined the Thermos brand since 1904: Expressive design, proven technology, innovative product details such as a non-slip Griptec base and the True-Coat powder coating, as well as a tireless commitment to making people's everyday lives more sustainable and simple - with the Icon Mug, the Icon Beverage Bottle and the Icon Food Jar now showing the way forward.


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