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More than a century has passed since the beginnings of the Fischbach aluminum goods factory in Thuringia to today's premium brand alfi. A long time and yet the pioneering spirit of the founding years still lives on 110 years later. Just four years after Carl and Sophie Zitzmann began producing household items from the new material aluminum in 1914, the Juwel insulated carafe was launched on the market - an order from the American railroad for their Pullman carriages. The success story quickly took off: Juwel became an integral part of the range and was continually and mindfully refined over the years. Today, Juwel is one of the most popular insulated carafes in the world and a symbol of alfi's history and sustainable philosophy.

A classy look for the anniversary: in 2024, alfi is launching an exclusive Juwel special edition in jet black polish and satin black mat. Here, timeless design language meets current trends and, as usual, the best insulation performance for coffee and tea. What has been practiced in the company since 1914 can be summed up as follows: Hot things stay hot and cold things stay cold with alfi. Carl and Sophie Zitzmann, like their descendants, also experienced the tension between contrasting developments in both an emotional and business sense. Between growing fame, rapidly increasing sales and employee numbers and many innovations, the effects of the First and Second World Wars, a devastating fire and the expropriation and associated move to the Franconian town of Wertheim in 1948 had to be overcome. There was only ever one motto: Keep going!


Thanks to this commitment and creativity, alfi has succeeded in reinventing itself time and again: by 1960, the range already comprised more than 500 different types of insulated containers. Today, it is above all the classics and new products for the modern lifestyle that are associated with alfi. Prominent examples include the legendary ball-shaped Kugel carafe by Ole Palsby, the Studio Allure by the Pearl Creative design team and, as a further milestone in 2024, the Econscious insulated carafe made of bioplastic. For almost 20 years, alfi has also been offering accessories for eating and drinking on-the-go. Everyday life on the move has long since become a lifestyle and alfi's wide range of products provides added enjoyment, health and environmental protection.


When alfi looks back on 110 years of company history, a common thread emerges: Top quality, progress, a high degree of functionality and perfect design - this has been confirmed several times by awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, as well as by millions of satisfied customers. The history between hot & cold, tradition & innovation, but also between highs & lows has had a decisive influence on alfi and will continue to define the special character of the brand of the century in the future: To 110 years of alfi. And to many more exciting products and developments.


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