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Iso Food Mug from alfi®



The days when a simple sandwich was the only option when you were hungry are gone - today, multiple locations offer lunch and all kinds of tasty food to go. Those who want to make their lives more flexible and also more sustainable, go a step further and bet on homemade meals to go. You can do this with the new alfi Iso Food Mug, for instance: Prepare your favorite meals, fill them in the food mug, and just taking a glance at the cool all-day accessory will whet your appetite for 100 percent of enjoyment.

The basis for real balance in daily life is the 0.35 liter Iso Food Mug. There is a choice of five hip, matted designs in velvet black, pastel forest, pastel water, pastel lavender or pastel rose. Your personal favorite will fit in your active lifestyle as a solid component - alfi make it possible: The Iso Food Mug ensures optimum insulation performance for up to 5 hours for hot and up to 10 hours for well-cooled food.


How about chickpea curry or pasta salad with dried tomatoes and olives? Or try a yogurt granola bowl with fresh berries to start a healthy day? A practical spoon-fork combination – the spork - is integrated in the lid for easy access. There are no limits for ideas, and neither for the mug’s lifetime. Durable materials such as impact and shock-proof stainless steel, high-quality silicone, as well as the quality feature “free from BPA” are absolute brownie points.


The Iso Food Mug is easily cleaned in the dishwasher, maybe in the eco program in the evening. Ensuring long-lasting taste with reusable products!


Recommended retail price:  

Insulated food jar Iso Food Mug 0.35 liter: € 29.95


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