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Kids Iso Bottle from alfi®



Parents know best what their children need - and alfi support mums and dads! The Iso Kids Bottle is a reliable and upmarket companion for staying hydrating that is so important, and above all, it brings the right portion of fun for both very small and also little older everyday heroes: Age appropriate designs for kindergartners and students is combined with perfect suitability for daily use in the high-quality drinking bottle. The unbreakable stainless steel body ensures maximum safety in a child’s active day and is also a hit on the inside. Thanks to the premium insulation performance, tea is kept warm for 12 hours and cold drinks stay refreshingly cool for up to 24 hours.

Joyful designs for all age groups decorate the Iso Kids Bottle: sweet ballerinas, unique unicorns, crazy dinos or brave pirates make the youngest smile; the more understated flowers, leaves, dinosaurs or navy decors are the flavor of the older kids. And the high resistance to fruit and carbonic acid brings 100 percent of cheerfulness on top for all kids. Fruit spritzer, sparkling water or homemade ice tea can come along to kindergarten, school or leisure time and sporting activities, as well as on journey. The Iso Kids Bottle stays absolutely leak-proof at all times! To meet different children’s needs, alfi offer the Iso Kids Bottle in two sizes for optimum hydration at all ages.


Apart from the standard product benefits, parents of course prioritize their children’s health. As all other alfi products, the Iso Kids Bottle is free from BPA and comes without an inside coating.


Everything is easy, everything is well-designed: The Iso Kids Bottle has two openings - a large one for filling the bottle, and a small one for drinking. The lid is designed in a manner so that even children's hands can open it very easily. And because daily life routine has to be convenient, the bottles can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Moreover, alfi rely on the proven AromaSafe principle for carefree enjoyment with the Iso Kids Bottle for children and their parents.


Recommended retail price:  

Insulated drinking bottle Iso Kids Bottle 0.35 liter: € 26.95

Insulated drinking bottle Iso Kids Bottle 0.50 liter: € 29.95


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